Hardware Design
LIENVIET's hardware design team is ready to support a variety of customer needs, including technologies such as:
- Control board design with TI's MCU, MSP430 especially.
- Control board using ARM7, ARM9 and ARM-Cortex
- Data signal processing design with C'2000, C'5000, C'6000 and OMAP.
- Low-cost developing KIT, evaluation board for TI’s MCU, DSP, ARM, C’2000, C’5000, C’6000 and OMAP with FPGA technology...

Software Design
LIENVIET’s Software Development Team capabilities include:
- Firmware and Midle-ware for TI’s MCU and ARM series.
- Signal digital processing for TI’s DSP (voice, picture, filters, FFT spectrum, coding...).
- Software for CPLD, FPGA...